internationally inspired

american made

Who We Are

Detroit, Michigan - The great beer state, rich in history and a city that never stops working. Much of this richness can be attributed to immigration and migration - movements that continue to shape the city today.

Just as it has shaped our story, Great America is built around our cultured society, the melting pot.  As immigrants came from all over the world, they brought pieces of their own culture with them. Their music, food & drink, fashion, faith, and much more, slowly became part of America’s culture and what we know today.  

From Marzen to Mexican Style Lager, our full craft beer line and flavored beverages are internationally inspired, American made. Our ingredients are based on traditions and customs from all over the world -  heritage you can literally taste. We have evolved  to become one of the nation's premier brewers of craft beer. We're proud of what we do, and of the people who work hard to bring you great beverages from our brewery in Corktown, Detroit. Our Founder once said “great beers, like great Americans, come from all over the world’ and we can’t agree more. Detroit is now home for us, but our customers enjoy the fruits of our labor all over the country. 

We are Internationally Inspired, American Made.